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Whether you wish to invest in booming property market of India, looking to rent an apartment, fully operational office space or factory land, finding the right partner who is well acquainted with the local cultures and customs facilitates a smooth transition to the country. We provide the best of property solutions that suit your budget and requirement.

Providers with Partners

We offer an extensive selection of carefully selected properties. With our partnership with major building owners and managers, we offer up to the date listings, and ability to offer apartments of all ranges.

  1. Residential apartments.
  2. Independent floors.
  3. Individual houses.
  4. Commercial properties.
  5. Farm houses.
  6. Factory Land.

Bilingual Leasing Agents

Our Bilingual Leasing agents can show you properties throughout the area. With local knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, and experience in offering advice for the unique challenges of relocating to India, we are sure to meet your needs.

  1. Accompanied visits.
  2. Local language support.
  3. Negotiations and lease support.
  4. Area tours & overview.

Moving to India

With our range of services once you find an apartment, we will help you in setting up the utilities (gas, water, power), as well as internet. We let you join our community and meet other expats! We help you in setting up the utilities.

  1. Procurement of gas, water power and internet connections.
  2. Complete move in support.
  3. Help you in finding domestic helps, driver, staff etc.
  4. Due diligence of facilities and maintenance.

We provide you a home away from your home. With our strategic tie ups with many hospitality and leading property managed companies, we ensure you get the best apartment as per your budget and location preference. Our apartments are essentially homes comprising fully equipped kitchen with appliances and dinnerware, fully furnished with comfortable furnishing and modern electronics.


  1. 24*7 Security
  2. Dedicated support manager
  3. Housekeeping Services
  4. Laundry Services
  5. High-Speed Internet (WiFi)
  6. Gas connection
  7. Mineral Water
  8. Concierge Services

Why Service Apartment

  1. Cheaper than Hotels
  2. Just like home atmosphere
  3. Flexibility of Interiors
  4. Family can accompany
  5. No maintenance hassles

Available Options

  1. Golf Course facing units
  2. High rise apartments
  3. Standalone Buildings
  4. Villas
  5. Studio Apartments

We understand that clients and their families have individual needs. We ensure you experience a seamless assimilation in Indian society. Via our extensive menu of destination services, this program is designed to provide an overview of your city and includes various kinds of housing available and generally preferred locations of most expats.

In addition to locating suitable temporary and long-term accommodations, we manage the intricacies associated with tasks such as negotiating leases and paying security deposits. Our services extend into the practical aspects of daily life, from assisting with school selection to explaining the public transportation, finding medical care, and knowing where to shop.

Settling In services

We strive to make the settling-in process as stress-free as possible by providing:

  1. Area tours
  2. Banking assistance
  3. School search, selection, and registration assistance
  4. Furniture leasing
  5. Automobile leasing
  6. Language instruction
  7. Culture training
  8. Visa and FRRO assistance

Home Finding Services

Our Mobility Advisors take the guesswork out of the home finding process and help transferees by providing:

  1. Area tours
  2. House/Apartment searches
  3. Lease negotiation
  4. Mortgage consultation and selection

Interim Housing

Temporary housing can help bridge the gap between a move date and new home availability. Our mobility consultants can help you to arrange:

  1. Short-term rentals
  2. Long-term residences

Availing rented furniture is the best option when you either need furniture for a limited amount of time, you don't already have a home, or where your home isn't ready yet. You can save significant cost and time in order to arrange furnishings. Furniture purchased today, needed for a limited period of time may be very expensive at the termination of need. Serving clients with furniture rentals, help them escape inconsequential investment that can occur in significant losses.

Renting an unfurnished accommodation and hiring furniture as well as other household goods can be an attractive and cost-effective option. For short/medium stays it can be more economic and hassle-free than shipping your own furniture here. For longer stays, hiring furniture can also make good sense - either for the duration of the assignment, or to bridge the gap until your own furniture arrives (or departs). Furniture from other countries won't always fit into India houses, which tend to be smaller.

Who need furniture rentals?

We have made the process of arranging furniture easy. We have knowledge and experience that gives you freedom to choose apartment and furnishings separately.

  1. Professionals, Expats on limited term stay.
  2. Corporates for their employees and clients.
  3. Guest house owners.
  4. Developers and house sellers.
  5. Landlords.

Benefits of Furniture Rentals

While the biggest benefit of choosing the furniture rentals is to save cost. It also eliminates your dependency from the landlord for repair and maintenance of the furnishings and appliances.

  1. Get interiors as per your taste and preference.
  2. Save substantial amount of money to buy furniture when you need it for limited period of time.
  3. Save substantial shipping transportation cost.
  4. Easy closure of the agreements.
  5. Pay as part of monthly rentals.
  6. Professionally designed interiors.

What can be taken on rentals

By availing furniture rentals you can lease out an unfurnished apartment and furnish it as per your requirements.

  1. Furniture
  2. Appliances
  3. Soft Furnishings like curtains, mattresses and other utilities.
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